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What is a responsive contact center?

A responsive contact center focuses on the customer and the customer’s experience by allowing each individual customer to define their own journey. It provides anytime, anywhere response to all customer needs, that is, enables customers to get in touch with the contact center using the channel of their choice at the time of their choice. 

What is a responsive agent?

A responsive agent is any company employee. The explosion of remote interaction across all industries and company sizes is changing the concept of contact center and agents. The responsive contact center requires a change in the “traditional” agent rolesAny employee can become a contact center agent in addition to their main duties 

3 Tips to responsive contact center

A couple of years ago I attended a conference on customer service and participated in a session where a speaker from Ecuador described how his contact center survived the earthquake that devastated his country in 2016. To be honest I don’t really remember the details anymore, but the pictures that he showed of the wreckage of the building where his contact center was located are still very vivid in my memory: the whole thing was just a mount of debris.

Is your contact center responsive?

Our life is in such a turmoil that we often lack the time, and patience, to solve any issue from the beginning to the end in one single interaction, but rather, dedicate several short periods of attention during one day or more, if necessary. Just like we do in our conversations with family or friends.  


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